Welcome to Growth Life Counseling LLC!

I appreciate you taking a moment out to read this.  I wanted to thank-you for choosing us to provide for your counseling needs and goals. We appreciate and acknowledge the courage it takes to want to make a change, and we   are delighted, honored and privileged to be working with you through this journey.

We provide our clients with a safe, confidential atmosphere for growth & change on their journey whether it be life coaching or counseling.  We believe in a wholistic model to wellness and helping you break through barriers and challenges in your life. I have never found a mountain too high to climb or a wave too big ride. We strive to work with you as partners in care to help conquer your personal mountains and be the best version of you.  Expect to be listened to with empathy, provided with tools & resources for self-growth, and challenged during the process. We are unique in that we think and practice outside of the box. I have done sessions on the football field, on the soccer pitch, in a store, and out of an airplane.  There are always solutions and we go the extra mile.  We also provide telemedicine if needed.

Often our clients want to share with others about their progress and success.  You will have the most success by completing the goals you came to achieve.  We welcome you to share your progress with others.  Please know that should you choose to refer a potential client to work with us that both of your information is confidential and protected under HIPAA guidelines.  Growth Life Counseling LLC does not share information with others without your consent.  We very much welcome and appreciate new clients into our practice, so we can also help them achieve the goals that matter to them most.  We look forward to getting started with you at your first appointment.  Should you have any questions prior to our appointment please feel free to give us a call.




Lori Woodward Bobo, Ed.S., LMHC, Owner

(509) 330-6637