1. The ability to expand your choice of service provider.

2.  More convenient counseling options including location, time, no driving, etc.

3. Reduces the overall cost of time of therapy due to not having to drive to and from office.

4. Ability to have real-time monitoring and reduces the wait time for scheduling office appointments.

5. Increased availability of services to homebound clients. Clients with limited mobility and clients without convenient transportation options.


My practice has a secure and HIPPA compliant portal where our video session will take place. I will send you a link at our scheduled time that you can click on from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. I suggest you wear a headset to increase confidentiality and also the sound quality of our sessions. I am calling you from a private location from where the only person in the room. You also need to be in a private location where you can speak openly without being overheard or interrupted by others to protect your own confidentiality. I have found these sessions to be quite productive!